About Him - I mean 'Me' - About Steven

Steven Mittler was born in Oshawa, Ontario in Canada. Noisy, smelly, and largely undeveloped, Steven was an only child. Sorry, that should read 'ugly child'. He grew up with two brothers and a sister. 'Grew up' is not entirely correct, as he has never completely grown up. (At five feet, eight inches he isn't exactly a tower of manhood, and thanks to advancing years, his manhood no longer towers either.)

Grown up is a misnomer. Miss Nomer lived four houses down from Steven's childhood home. She lived with her child Ox E. Moron, whom she had out of wedlock while studying to become a member of Our Lady of the Immaculate Sphincter. At the convent Miss Nomer had been known as Nun Sequitor.

Steven has always been funny. Even as a child, people would point at him and tell his mother, "Boy, that's a funny looking kid you've got."

Acting came naturally to Steven. Generally acting out and acting like an idiot, but acting nonetheless. As a class clown he always had several copies of his 'times table' written out and waiting for when the teachers would hand him his punishment. In later years he realized he could get his point (jabs / insults / funny bits) across without his hand cramping from writing by being the class clown's writer.

In early grade school he wrote and directed sketches and puppet shows starring himself and another classmate. His Cookie Monster puppet saw so much use that his parents had to buy him another one.

His first public performance was as 'the Vampire Magician', where he did magic tricks in green-face accompanied by his Bela Lugosi impression. The red-lined black cape he wore, and the voice he used, would make a reappearance years later when he took the lead in the theatrical production of 'Seven Wives for Dracula'.

When he was still young enough to sing in key, Steven was cast as one of the principal characters in the operetta 'His Majesty's Pie'.

A graduate of the Maher Ventriloquist school, Steven went on to become a card-carrying member of the North American Association of Ventriloquists for several years. He performed for dozens of appreciative audiences over those years and won every public speaking award available to him with his speech: 'How I Became a Ventriloquist'.

Steven set his puppetry and ventriloquism aside when he entered the world of radio broadcasting. Throughout his bi-band journey (AM and FM), (town to town, up and down the dial, as the song goes) Steven never failed to impress his program directors with his willingness to do whatever was necessary, often without asking, to achieve the radio stations' goals.

During that time he voiced thousands of radio commercials and was known to keep advertisers happy and buying more air time due to his superior voicing and production skills. His ability to come up with accents and character voices on the fly astounded many and made him much in demand.

In the early 90s Steven returned briefly to the stage, performing stand-up comedy as a solo act, but he was too far from regular venues to continue.

Steven does not drive a car, nor does he have a driver's licence. This has been his choice.

After radio, Steven moved into the hiring of people for a large international organization. He stayed with the corporation for over a decade before the Canadian office he was working in was closed.

Independent voice work called Steven (rude names) and he has been doing that ever since. Directors have found him easy to work with, collaborative, and they always get exactly the read they are after.

Steven lives in Toronto with his wife of over 25 years, Darla. Since they were married in 1988, it's a good thing she's over 25 by now. They have two cats and no children. This was a mutual decision on the part of the cats and the Mittlers.

Follow Steven on Twitter @StevenMittler (The Amusing G.i.T. - Guy in Toronto)

Hear what he sounds like and hire him for your next audio project: http://voice.darlamittler.com

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